How to create a Digital marketing strategy from scratch

Digital marketing strategy


Creating your presence demands to create a digital marketing strategy. Let’s explore the meaning of digital marketing strategy before identifying how to create the same from the scratch. A digital marketing strategy is an integral part of a broader marketing plan for any business that demonstrate a clear path for aching the its predominant business objectives utilizing the digital media channels. In simple terms a digital marketing strategy is the structured plan to make the best use of online channels to build a strong social media or internet presence for your brand.

Digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy Framework

With the increasing demand of a digital marketing strategy the complications are also increasing. Whether it be integration of keywords in the informative content or building backlinks both have become challenging with the rising data. We need to create a digital marketing strategy that combines all these aspects to be advantageous to our efforts. A successful digital marketing strategy should be aligned to an effective digital marketing strategy framework. Aa digital marketing strategy framework or a digital strategy framework is a standard plan that represents the marketing process flow for your company. The following frameworks can guide your business to create a resilient digital marketing strategy:

RACE Framework

Digital marketing strategy

Marketing is a race without a finish line and the RACE framework can couch you for this never-ending digital marketing journey. RACE is the four-step marketing framework which stands for Reach, Act, Covert and Engage.

Reach is the close synonym of awareness when it comes to RACE framework focuses on developing higher awareness and visibility for your brand by enhancing website and social media traffic.

Act is the actin f interacting with your target customers in way that it drives their interest and hence to act on the social media and company websites.

Convert is the stage here you transform your fans and followers into the loyal customers.

Engage your customers to develop strong and long-term relationships by maintaining consistency to your digital marketing efforts.

Flywheel Model

Customers are considered as the heart of every business and its marketing strategy. The flywheel model to create a digital marketing strategy is defined as the mechanism that offers your marketing strategy a momentum to offer an extraordinary customer experience. It represents the journey of an individual’s overall customer journey. Tis journey can be broken down in the following three phases:

Attract: The early stage of the digital marketing strategy is to shift the attention of your audience towards your brand. Reduce the barriers of interaction between you and your target customers and bring higher visibility for your brand to get them attracted towards what you want to sell.

Engage: Attracting the audience is not enough for a brand to develop long lasting relationships. Making things convenient and personalized for your customers can help you do so. Ensure the consistency in interacting with customers with the suitable channels and timeframes.

Delight: A customer experiencing the quality and convenience with your brand helps you extend your business opportunities. Offering a delightful experience to your customers through constant support and customer empowerment develops strong connections enhancing your growth perspectives.

Steps to create a digital marketing strategy

Are you willing to crate your digital marketing strategy from scratch? Here are the few significant steps you must follow to create a strong digital marketing strategy to extend and maintain the visibility of your brand among the target audience:

Digital marketing strategy

Step 1: Set Clear Goals

When you set a goal, your mind opens a task list. Without setting clear goals you may not achieve anything you want from your efforts. Before you begin to create a digital marketing strategy think of what you achieve out of it.

Step 2: Evaluate

After you are clear about your marketing goals, examine what you have achieved till now. It will to concentrate on what you have to accomplish further through your digital marketing strategy. Here is where you assess your digital marketing channels to find the best fit for your new digital marketing strategy.

Step 3: Understanding Digital Sales Funnel

A digital sales funnel is no less than a roadmap for a buyer journey transforming from a visitor to a loyal customer. In this step you start off with creating a brand awareness for the potential clientele. Consistency in generating and sharing social media content drives you to rank higher in the search engines. While developing the social media content, you should keep informed about the interests of your target audience to attract them towards the digital content you share. With the smooth communication support engage your customers and encourage them to make purchasing actions.

Step 4: A Buyer Person

In the very next step to create a digital marketing strategy for your brand, you need to know your audience. Think like a customer to align the customer segments into a buyer persona. This step is all about specificizing what the customer needs or expect from your brand.

Step 5: Locate Customers in the Funnel

The final step to create a digital marketing strategy is to explore the social media and digital in search of your customers. The customers could be found as a website visitors reached through the search engines. You can find them through the interactive social media posts and content or from an email campaign reaching out your existing customers.

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

Your marketing is highly influenced by the nature and individual needs of your customers.There is a great difference between the B2C and B2B digital marketing strategy irrespective of what product or service you offer. Marketers often make a mistake by focusing on the information more than creativity and engagement while targeting business customers through their digital marketing strategies.

Making your content boring and highly formal only to target the business customers may be a big blunder to your digital marketing efforts. B2B digital marketing strategies target the individuals who are making their purchase decisions for the organization or institutions they serve to. The best way to develop B2B digital marketing strategies to develop the stories and link them back to the needs, demands, desires and problems.

Digital Marketing Strategy

E-commerce Digital Marketing Strategy

E-commerce is one of the major businesses operating through the online challenges and needs to stay unique and distinguished when it comes to create digital marketing strategies. E-commerce digital marketing strategy is defined as the set of tactics involved in attracting the target audience towards the online store.

The foremost goal behind creating digital marketing strategy for ecommerce is to drive the customers towards online shopping behavior. The social media and digital karting content should be attractive and engaging enough to shift the purchasing behavior of your target customers. Another significant aspect to consider for digital marketing strategies for ecommerce is competition. Your consistency and quality to your SEO efforts can make you rank above the competitors in the search engines.

We are here to present you with the unique ways t create a digital marketing strategy from scratch. The provide digital marketing frameworks will guide your process to build a long-lasting digital marketing strategy. This blog will also offer you a significant knowledge on how you can distinguish the digital marketing strategy for ecommerce. The B2B digital marketing strategies are lo explored here for the best.